No Meeting for June, But Follow Our Journey to Roadfest!

Hello, Route 66 EVA members and friends!

Road trip season is upon us, and due to busy travel schedules, we have canceled this month's meeting.

We're hopeful that schedules will allow for our next regular meeting on July 15th at 1PM Pacific for a discussion about Ford and GM choosing to utilize Tesla charging tech in the future!

We invite you to follow along with Route 66 EVA President, Jessica May, and Electric Route 66 as they travel to the Route 66 Roadfest in Tulsa, OK!  

Electric Route 66 and the Route 66 EVA will be sharing a table with the California Historic Route 66 Association at the Roadfest, which is taking place June 23rd to 25th. 

Photos and video updates during the journey will be posted on the following socials:


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