Some helpful links for EV and Route 66 education

While not a comprehensive collection by any means, we thought it would be a good idea to share a few links that can help educate and inform about electric vehicles, and about Route 66. Here then is our short list of recommended resources.

EV Resources

The Route 66 EV Association is an official chapter of the Electric Vehicle Association, a nonprofit educational organization which has been advocating and promoting the adoption of electric transportation since 1967. The Electric Vehicle Association has thousands of members in the United States and Canada.

Plug In America is another nonprofit EV organization, whose mission is "to drive change to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation’s dependence on petroleum, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions." Their web site shares a wealth of information on EVs, including timely info on tax incentives, currently available EVs and chargers, and a great EV shopping assistant through their dedicated site,

The largest, most comprehensive database of North American EV charging is PlugShare, which is both a web site and smartphone app. It is the best site for a collective map of all levels of charging, from all networks, and also incorporates a trip planner and more. 

The EVA and Plug In America are among the major sponsors of these two nationwide groups of events, held annually to showcase and inform about electric vehicles. National Drive Electric Week takes place in the fall, and Drive Electric Earth Day in the spring around the time of Earth Day (April 22). Both celebrations are comprised of dozens of individual events all over the United States, where EV owners can share their experiences and knowledge with the public.

This official government page from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency details a list of common EV myths, and then busts each one with accurate information that puts these typical misconceptions to rest.

The first web site made specifically to bring together the electric vehicle and Route 66 communities, this site features unique multi-view dashcam videos of travel on Route 66, occasional news and travelogue posts, and a very helpful glossary of EV terms to help get anyone up to speed on the common jargon of EV ownership.

Route 66 Resources

Along with a great list of helpful resource links - to state and international Route 66 associations, museums, and Route 66 attractions - the Federation also publishes the most-recommended Route 66 guidebook: the EZ66 Guide for Travelers by Jerry McClanahan, available on the Federation's online store as well as in numerous retails stores up and down Route 66. Don't take a 66 trip without it!

Award-winning author and preservationist Jim Ross shares his knowledge not just through dozens of published books and preservation work, but also through the amazing Deep Tracks Map Series available on his site, a massive resource documenting every known alignment of Route 66, along its entire length from Chicago to Santa Monica.

Published bi-monthly since 2018, ROUTE is a printed magazine and web site which "celebrates road travel, vintage Americana and iconic Route 66."

Route 66 smartphone apps
The two most popular smartphone apps dedicated to Route 66 each work in their own way to assist travelers in locating the Route and enjoying its many attractions.
Route 66 Ultimate Guide - published by McCoyCORE USA, from its home base in the Route 66 city of Bloomington, Illinois.
Route 66 Navigation - published by Touch Media, a company of Route 66 enthusiasts based in the European nation of Slovakia, who also publish the printed Route 66 Passport available in many shops along Route 66.

We can't list every EV and Route 66 link out there as there are far too many, but if you're new to EVs or Route 66 we hope these can get you started on your journey. See you on Route 66!

A Tesla Model 3 and a Chevrolet Bolt on Route 66 in Truxton, Arizona


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