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May Zoom Meeting

This month's Zoom meeting of the Route 66 EVA will take place on Saturday, May 20 at 1 PM Pacific Time/Arizona Time, 4 PM Eastern Time. Program Coordinator "EVJerry" Asher has shared the following agenda: I.       President's Opening with Introductions - Jessica II.    Updating Route 66 EVents (DEED; Electric Route 66 Fun Run; ...) III.   EVs in the News   IV.    EV Charging on "66" - A Grand Review       Following the review, a brief discussion of '7-11 Game Changer with 7-Charge' - thanks to Len for sharing this video from YouTube . V.    Open General Discussion on Future EVents VI.      Wrap Up Route 66 EVA Zoom Meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month. To join the Zoom meeting directly at meeting time, follow this link: Or start up your Zoom app and login with these credentials: The Meeting ID is 810 3194 0559 The Passcode: Route66 To download the right Zoom ap