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February Zoom Meeting, archive updated

February Zoom Meeting This month's Zoom meeting of the Route 66 EVA will take place on Saturday, February 18 at 12 PM Pacific Time. That's 1 PM Mountain, 2 PM Central and 3 PM Eastern. Program Coordinator "EVJerry" Asher has shared the following agenda: I.      Introductions with President/Ambassador Jessica II.     Membership Updating and Renewals with Jim III.   Sharing the EVA Annual Conference at Aptera Headquarters with Mike & Jessica and EVJerry   IV.    CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas  - TEVADave, Stan and others V.     EV Experience Program (formerly EV Museum) update and Drive Electric Earth Day with Jeff & Associates VI.    Electrifying the AZ Route 66 Fun Run, coming May 5-7, with John and Peter, Scottsdale EVA VII.    Charging Updates with Jim VIII.      Wrap Up         In addition, Route 66 EVA looks to continues its theme - "Route 66 FuturEV."  That is the future of Electric Vehicles on Historic Route 66, which includes for