EV Tip Time!!!

Today's EV Tip comes to us from Len Nowak, one of our members who lives, shall we say, off the beaten path - down some dusty "primitive" roads. This solution has been used for his KIA EV6, and should be universally acceptable for other vehicles using a CCS charger.


The gasket around the vehicle charge port door keeps the majority of dust and dirt out of the port connectors, but some fine particles can still get in!

Corrective Action:

Using a standard silicone drain plug, as many standard rubber substrates don’t hold up well in hotter climates, it seals the J-1772 section of the charge port!

Sure… Every “now and then” Len still hits this area with his electric leaf blower or compressed air...

Was this tip helpful to you? Do you have any EV tips you'd like to share?


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