April Zoom Meeting

 April Zoom Meeting

This month's Zoom meeting of the Route 66 EVA will take place on Saturday, April 15 at 1 PM Pacific Daylight Time and Arizona Time.
Program Coordinator "EVJerry" Asher has shared the following agenda:

I.      Introductions with President/Ambassador Jessica

II.     Membership Updating and Renewals with Jim

III.   Update Sharing on Website ElectricRoute66.com with Mike & Jessica  

IV.     EV Growth in Arizona  - Scanning Line by Line of Recurrent Auto EV trends article - Thanks to Len Nowak for sharing. Len's note: It talks to EV growth “ in AZ “ and our standings in the mix and much more!

V.    Updating Briefs:
        A. EV Experience Program Updating and Drive Electric Earth Day with Jeff & Associates
        B. Charging Updates with Damond, Jim and others

VI.    Wrap Up
  In addition, Route 66 EVA looks to continues its theme - "Route 66 FuturEV."  That is the future of Electric Vehicles on Historic Route 66, which includes foremost transitioning "66" into The Electric Route 66 -The Green Mother Road.  Especially along with DC Fast Charging sites from Santa Monica, CA, to Chicago Loop, IL -- the keys to the future economic viability of Historic Route 66.

Route 66 EVA Zoom Meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month.

To join the Zoom meeting directly at meeting time, follow this link:

Or start up your Zoom app and login with these credentials:
The Meeting ID is 810 3194 0559
The Passcode: Route66

To download the right Zoom app for your needs, visit Zoom's download page.

See you on Route 66!

A Chevy Spark EV owned by a Route 66 EVA member, enjoying Kingman, Arizona


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