Used EV Tax Credit Guide & Buyer Eligibility

Looking to purchase a 'New to You' EV but unsure of the tax credits you might be able to claim? Thanks to Len Nowak, Aptera Ambassador, and member of the Route 66 Electric Vehicle Association, we've got a link to help you out! 

Recurrent has posted an informative article that starts right out with the VIN tool: enter the VIN of the vehicle in question to find out if it is eligible for the credit. The article doesn't stop there, though. It continues explaining which cars are mainly eligible for the used EV tax credit, how you as a consumer would figure out if you were eligible to receive the credit, and gives an overview of the National Used EV Tax Credit.

Thank you, Recurrent, for your work in helping spread the news about used EVs.  

See you on the Mother Road!


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